The Southeastern Token Society (SETS) was founded in November, 1992 by a group of collectors who considered forming a regional organization almost 20 years earlier. The name was suggested by R. W. Colbert in 1974 when only a few collectors had enough interest to participate. Our survey in the early 1990's gave a different result. We discovered that the southeastern states had many active collectors with a broad range of interests, and donations started coming in to suggest that the need existed and we should start immediately.

Use of the SETS acronym and the name of the newsletter, SETS NEWS, were both chosen in 1992 by C. R. and Bob Clark. The SETS logo was selected in a contest held at our first meeting in Clanton, Alabama on April 24th, 1993.

The first edition of SETS NEWS was mailed with membership forms on December 1, 1992, to introduce the organization to collectors of tokens, medals, tags and all kinds of related exonumia throughout the southeastern United States. SETS NEWS has been a quarterly publication mailed regularly during the first week of March, June, September and December. The recent issue (Whole Number 67) mailed on June 4 and June 5, 2009, had eighteen pages of articles, SETS news, free ads, paid ads, and more. The newsletter has averaged approximately sixteen pages because of excellent support by SETS members. Articles have been published about every kind of exonumia that you can imagine. Commissary tokens from the lumber and coal industries have been the subjects of many stories, but it is difficult to select one type of token and say that it has been researched and written about more than others.

If you collect "good for" tokens, advertising tokens, medals, transportation, parking or car wash tokens, dog license tags, elongated coins, encased coins, pickers checks, tax tokens, good luck tokens or other kinds of tokens, tags or medals, you will likely find that some SETS members collect and know all about them. Cardboard and paper script, coupon books, punch cards and various kinds of coupons, passes and tickets have become increasingly popular during recent years. "Exonumia" is the word that many collectors use to cover this wide range of collectible items.

If you are an avid collector and like to do research, talk about tokens, write about tokens and meet other collectors with the same interests, consider joining SETS and sharing your information through SETS NEWS.

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